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Tek prateoppdrag via Norsk Forfattersentrum

Sleggja på toppen av Akademika si bestselgarliste ...

Soga om Olav SleggjaPosted by Øystein Sun, May 01, 2011 16:04:38

I skrivande stund ser i alle fall denne topplista veldig bra ut for meg:


... over Pondus! Ei reise til Island, eit par vekttal i norrøn litteratur frå før femtenhundre og eit par dynger med referansebøker funka visst på akademikarane. Tilsett den viktige ingrediensen "eit par feite løgner", og teikneserieromanen er klar.

EDIT: Skulle nok ha teke eit screenshot ... no er Sleggja på fjerdeplass, innepakka i Pondus på alle kantar.

Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Øystein Wed, August 21, 2013 17:47:06

Oy! Thank you! Did I speak to you after the masterclass?

I'm working on my comics nowadays, and a travelogue from the trip to Moscow.

I'm not good at using this blog. The only reason I saw this old post was that I just googled "Øystein Runde feit" (fat). Apparently that's what female actresses google when they google themselves. I'm disappointed that my fame hasn't reached the point where people find me fat.

Posted by EkaGO Mon, May 06, 2013 14:35:56


I saw your master-class in Russia in kommissia.ru 2013 =)

Your speech was very inspiring! I have decided to say thank you.

It was very helpful to me and cool.

You said you made ​​a movie about your character. I watched this Sleggja Trailer. Looks interesting. ( These letters were not erased from the board for good reason. Х))))

I wish you a successful rental of this film!

Want you to shoot more films?